Menagar - Agenda digital

Digital Diary

Implementing all the security measures required to date and complying with the strictest hygiene and safety protocols, our school promotes the use of digital media and the elimination, to the extent possible, of the exchange of documents or paper.

We will be using the “Dinantia Digital Agenda”, an App that you can easily install on your mobile phone or other digital devices.

In it you will have access to daily information about how your child’s day at school went, with all kinds of details: food, nappy changes, daily activity, information about the person who picks up the child, etc. Additionally, you will be able to communicate with the counsellor on a daily basis, and pass on any kind of information.

On the other hand, we would also like to share some photographs of your child through this medium, which is more convenient than e-mail and safer in terms of privacy. This, however, will only be done with your consent.

All the information about how it works will be provided to you in a PDF file, which will also contain your passwords. This ensures even more security, as only you will have access to it.

Also, if you have any problem with the application, they will be happy to help you and resolve the incident.