Menagar - Gabinete pediátrico y enfermería

Paediatric cabinet and infirmary

In view of looking after the health of the children attending Menagar, a paediatrician and a nurse complete the team. This service allows us to offer families medical attention, as well as specific health and wellbeing talks.

We have a paediatric and nursing service to look after the health of our children. We provide preventive care, taking into account all of the most common illnesses or conditions of children in schools, for example, regular colds, digestive problems, dermatitis, adequate defences within the parameters established by age. In these cases, our centre’s paediatrician will offer parents some specific advice. If any illness or major problem is detected, the paediatrician will refer the child to his/her own paediatrician for further study.

Once a week, any children that need to see the doctor will be seen and a medical check-up will be given annually. The reason for the consultation must always be presented in writing, after which a report will be given with the paediatrician’s recommendations.

Periodically, the doctor will prepare a series of in-person or virtual talks on the health and wellbeing issues of most interest to the children’s families.

The nurse will provide advice on health and topics of interest, teach us first aid and provide support to the paediatrician.