Menagar - Gabinete psicopedadógico

Psycho-pedagogical office

One of the basic pillars of our identity is personalised and individualised attention, which makes each child unique within the school, encouraging each one of them to become the best version of themselves. In order to carry out a more exhaustive and individualised learning process, we have a professional psycho-pedagogue who will visit us to assess the children’s difficulties and strengths, with the aim of helping them as well as their families.

We have our own psycho-pedagogical office, whose mission is to ensure the proper overall development of the child, its main focus being the detection of children presenting any difficulty in their learning, and thus be able to help them to overcome these possible difficulties. It will also be responsible for coordinating the set of strategies and actions to be followed by the centre and the families to help prevent and detect any development disorder at an early stage, as well as helping educators to discover children with high abilities. Its ultimate aim is to have a positive impact both on the psycho-affective education of the child as well as on the educators’ teaching work.

The fact that the relationship between families and the school is fundamental in the teaching-learning process should also be taken into account. For this reason, this office is responsible for coordinating the actions to be carried out with the rest of the members of the educational team.