Menagar-Proyecto artistico

Art, music and film

Our educators seek to provide musical and artistic training for our children, using the latest educational resources in this area. The combination of this project, together with the school’s ICTs, allows our pupils to play different instruments through the use of tablets and the digital whiteboard. We also have a musical environment which is ideal to give free rein to their artistic creativity, and to be able to create musical performances, Chinese shadow workshops, small concerts, puppet shows, traditional and modern dances. These are just a few examples of the great artistic variety, which allows us to promote our arts project.

Cinema awakens enthusiasm from an early age, generating great expectation. With this project we will achieve our objectives from a different perspective, our mission is to create students with a free, creative and critical spirit. We will work through the screening of a film and then work on values, emotions and customs through games, role playing, etc. related to it.