Menagar-Escuela infantil chamartin

Yoga, Mindfulness and Smile Meditation

The practice of yoga has many benefits for the physical and mental health of students, favouring processes related to self-esteem and confidence, helping them to regulate stress and improve concentration. For all these positive implications in the learning process, Menagar advocates the practice of children’s yoga.

Mindfulness is a technique that enhances emotional self-control and cognitive processes, with the aim of creating a protective shield, both on a psychological and cerebral level. The mind of the youngest children is able to integrate mindfulness techniques and attitudes quickly, obtaining great benefits for body and mind and helping them to manage stress and emotions.

Smile meditation is a resource that allows the strengthening of the children’s mood, simply with the power that a smile produces throughout the body. It generates a large amount of endorphins, both for the person smiling and for the person being smiled at, benefiting the whole body at physiological and neurological level.