Menagar - Tics y robótica

ICTs and Robotics

Our educational project is committed to accompanying children in the development of one of the most essential learning tools of our century, with the aim of helping them to become both technologically and digitally competent. For this reason, our school is committed to an education based on the initiation of the use of information and communication strategies and tools from an early age.

  • Interactive whiteboard: We have an interactive whiteboard as a tool to promote learning in the classroom.
  • Tablets: The teaching team has tablets to make the teaching-learning process much more attractive for the students.
  • Projectors and loudspeakers: We have video projectors and portable loudspeakers.

In our desire to be in line with today’s technological society, we believe it is necessary to include robotics for children in our classrooms. It is a great way of learning through play, which allows us to develop pre-mathematical and logical knowledge in a simple and intuitive way. The pupils become the main protagonist of their learning, boosting their creative capacity and initiating them in their technological competence.