Modelo pedagógico propio

Our own pedagogical model

Menagar has over 40 years of experience as an infant education centre, accompanying children in their growth. We provide a natural environment for them to be happy and feel valued, stimulated and loved.

Under the motto “Let me grow up slowly”, we offer our own educational project based on teaching that respects the pace of each child in an individualised manner. We work together with families so that growth is approached as a joint and team task.

The Menagar team is made up of an active workforce that brings both professional and personal skills. They succeed at carrying out an educational project that balances innovation and quality education. We offer artistic expression activities based on manipulation and experimentation that give free rein to creative interaction and imagination.

We encourage participation, cooperative play and teaching in values that educate for peace and harmonious coexistence in society. Our fundamental tool is play, as we conceive the field of play as the most natural method to facilitate the global development of the child.


  • Play as the basis for learning.
  • Nurturing curiosity as a driver for learning.
  • Development of a healthy self-concept and self-esteem in the child.
  • Facing problems as challenges to be overcome, for which they are motivated and accompanied.
  • Conception of children as biopsychosocial beings.
  • Children developing contact with other children and learning to share, to stand up for themselves in different situations as well as the value of friendship is very important for us.
  • It is in this first stage that children perceive habits and manners in a more precise way. For this we count on the daily affection they receive from their classmates and teachers.
  • We work with bits of intelligence to encourage their attention and memory capacity.
  • We use psychomotricity to encourage interneuronal connections, skills, abilities, self-esteem and global development.
  • Personalised attention to each child and each family. With parents as the primary educators of their children.
  • Educational excellence.
Modelo pedagógico propio

Educational project

We have more than 40 years of experience accompanying children as they grow up. Under the motto “Let me grow up slowly”, we offer our own educational project based on an education that respects the pace of each child, we collaborate with families, so that growth is conceived as a united and team task. We provide a natural environment for them to feel happy, valued, stimulated and loved.