Menagar - Servicio integral de higiene


Menagar holds a consolidated position among Madrid’s private nursery schools, thanks to a long and solid track record and our commitment to continuous improvement based on the values that have earned us the trust of so many families. Our centre is characterised by the individual care we provide for each child, within different programmes with a wide array of activities adapted to each stage of development between ages 0 and 3.

Likewise, it is important to highlight the close relationship we seek with the parents so that together we can develop the children’s early learning as well as their wellbeing in the first years of their life. You can count on us to fill you in on your child’s progress, we will be available for you to pass on any concerns that may arise and you will be made aware of any circumstance that we need to inform you of. Our commitment to fluid communication is total.

After four decades, we are constantly striving to improve and offer what families expect from the best nursery schools in Madrid; that is the reason why we have incorporated services such as our medical and psychological departments, musical stimulation or introduction to the English language, just to mention a few. The cornerstone that we carry out our work from is the awareness of how important it is to provide attention to all aspects affecting the wellbeing of children, so that they can maintain optimal conditions to boost their daily learning.


Choosing our private nursery school in Madrid means that your children will receive quality tuition provided by professionals who combine qualifications as well as vocation. Our team focuses its daily work into developing the most interesting initiatives to foster the pupils’ growth in all the ideal aspects. Personalised care is one of our undeniable key principles, and the satisfaction gained over thirty years by countless families who have counted on us is the best possible endorsement of a commitment to which we always invest time, effort and attention.

In this nursery school in Chamartín, we group children as closely as possible in terms of age, as we make different groups for the same years depending on the month they were born. We also pay due attention to aspects such as psychomotor development, overcoming shyness, cultural enrichment and stimulation through play. All of this is based on an effort to take into account each child’s feelings and to ensure that they feel comfortable and happy.

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