In case the price of nursery schools in Madrid is one of the aspects you are considering when making your choice, we invite you to get to know the solid quality-to-price ratio of the educational services we offer at Menagar in order to enable access to a safe environment with an excellent educational project for all children from birth to the age of 3.

We are a nursery school where we take care of developing a variety of educational initiatives to promote the psychomotor development of children, together with their knowledge of themselves and their environment, without forgetting to promote their integration within the group. All of this is completed with effective and positive stimulation through play and music. We strive to incorporate those assets that translate into a broader base of opportunities for children to achieve the desired progress as they grow up with us.

We pay close attention to the wellbeing of our pupils as well as to their feelings and work to ensure their self-esteem and to help them overcome shyness. In our daily activity, we are aware of the importance of the children being in the best possible state of mind and health conditions, and that is why we also ensure their correct progress regarding these aspects, with in-house medical and psychological services for this very purpose.

Although we understand that, when choosing private nursery schools in Madrid, the price is a relevant factor to take into account, we focus, while establishing reasonable rates, on developing the most beneficial and advantageous educational project for each user attending our centre, both for the contents included and the resources that we use to facilitate them, as well as for our philosophy when understanding children and working with them. Generating curiosity and healthy attitudes as well promoting cooperation, interculturality and facing challenges are an essential part of the principles present in our everyday activities.


The quality services we offer as a nursery school can be seen in the educational project that we have been working on for over 35 years. It has been designed by expert professionals whose priority is to provide a happy learning experience within the children’s growth by paying attention to their concerns at the different stages of their time in Menagar as well as to promote individual and social skills necessary for the child’s development as a person.

The principles of our nursery school in Chamartín revolve around the personalised monitoring of each child, which allows us to invest our efforts in their individual needs. We also encourage smooth and effective communication with parents in order to get them involved and make them aware of the different areas we are working on. We believe that the education and growth of children can develop more thoroughly with the coordination of all parties involved. For these reasons, we will be in contact with you regularly to keep you up to date with the progress of your children as well as to deal with any matters you may want to share with us.

Feel free to contact us and ask any questions that you may have about any aspect of the services we provide or the fees of our nursery school in Madrid. Make your reservation to get a place for the next course in this centre that has been proving for many years its ability to rise to the occasion. You can also take a look at the additional proposals we have for you.

Our concern for the all-round wellbeing of our children has led us to collaborate with a psychologist’s office and even to launch initiatives such as our workshops to overcome the fear of speaking in public. You may also be interested in our seven-session school for parents. Both activities are organised with the participation of psychology professionals.