Bilingüismo en Menagar - English Time


Although you can find a large number of nursery schools in the Region of Madrid, we are sure that what Menagar has to offer will catch your attention. We are a bilingual centre, located in Madrid’s Chamartín district, with the guarantee of a long carreer and the added value of a diligent project, conducted every day by qualified professionals committed to their work and its daily impact on the development of all the children’s skills.

If you were looking for nursery schools in the Region of Madrid that convey the greatest trust and peace of mind regarding your child’s wellbeing and progress, you will be pleased to know that one of the priorities for the Menagar team is a close relationship between our teaching staff and the parents of the children attending our centre. We will be at your permanent disposal whenever you wish to arrange an interview and we will also inform you promptly of anything that may be necessary.

In this school for 0 to 3-year olds in the Region of Madrid we strive to stimulate the learning and development of the youngest children in the different key aspects. We focus our educational model on personalised care, psychomotor development being our main objective, without neglecting the knowledge of the body and the environment as well as the integration into group dynamics or the promotion of good hygiene habits and civility.

We also pay attention to everything related to the children’s psychological wellbeing, ensuring that they remain happy, safe and in an affectionate environment. We also help them to adapt to living with others as well as overcome potential shyness-related issues.

We hold a well-established position among the nursery schools in the Madrid region.

We strive for each child to make the most out of his/her time at our nursery school in Chamartín by adapting to the needs and potential of each stage between 0 and 3 years of age. For example, between the age of 0 to 1, we work to help them take their first steps and say their first words. In fact, we place special emphasis on organising the children according to their months of age, thus ensuring that the course to be followed during the schoolyear is as consistent as possible with their growth.

Discover all the factors that make us one of the best nursery schools in Madrid. All the progress made with your children will be in coordination with you, the parents, as we insist on fluid and fruitful communication as a means to jointly provide the best care for each child as well as paying due attention to their state of mind and development.