At our centre, we work every day to provide children and their families with a quality service that makes us one of the best nurseries in Madrid. We work specifically at each stage within the ages of 0 to 3, encouraging each child attending our school in the optimal development of their psychomotor skills, their first educational foundation and their integration with their peers. In order to achieve this, we carry out a whole range of stimulating activities, taking advantage of the possibilities of interaction, play and music. An aspect that is worth pointing out is that our implementation of initiatives for early stimulation in English. This element, of course, is increasingly in demand and we ensure that we lay the best possible foundations for successful learning at the right time throughout the infant stage.

Another of the fundamental factors to which we pay great attention and makes of us a quality nursery school in Madrid is the personalised care we give to each child and the consequential fluid and effective communication with parents. We will manage to extend the character of the family environment to the hours spent in our centre and we will do our part in the development of correct hygiene and behaviour habits. On the other hand, with our catering service and the action of our medical and psychological departments, you can be sure that our attention will be focused on these essential aspects. We will maintain two-way contact with you to ensure that the work we provide is adapted to the needs of each child, along with their optimum follow-up, as you would expect at one of the most attractive private nursery schools in Madrid.


We invite you to get to know the plans of our nursery school in Chamartín for each stage of pre-school education. The youngest children will progress towards their first words and steps with the support of our educators. Then, when they will be over one year old, we will begin to encourage interaction and the improvement of body movement by getting the children familiarised with their first songs, poems, symbolic images or gymnastic exercises. Our pupils between the ages of two and three learn the basic rules of education and collaboration by encouraging their good behaviour while enriching their language at the same time. It should be noted that we try to group the children by months of age for an even closer progress.

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